Reviwe of ‘Saheb Biwi Aur Gangstar Returnes’


Saheb biwi aur gangster is the squeal of ‘saheb biwi aur gangster’ . The film starts with an introductory section where the characters are introduced in a delicious way.In here SAHEB played by Jimmy Shergil is on a wheel chair but is recovering swiftly. Mahi Gill plays thew role of Biwi who is the current MLA but a drunk and desperate for his husbands attention.Irfan Khan plays the role of Indrajit the gangster.

The first half of this film is amusing and praise full but the second half lost that and with so many twists and turns it becomes way too much to handle thus a bit boring and tiring. But i’m saying that sadly because its really good in lots of points .

Nevertheless Tigmansu Dhulia is master of ‘Dialogues’. He has written stuff that keeps a smile on your face throughout the film.

This film is filled with outstanding acting . All three Jimmy,Mahi & Irfan are top notch. There characters looks like alive .

This film is a must watch just for its characters and dialogues.But still its not as juicy as thew first one. I’m going with  three stars.


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