Review of ‘Olympys Has Fallen’




In real-life, the US Navy Seals went into a foreign country in the middle of the night and assassinated the world’s most wanted terrorist – Osama Bin Laden. But in film, when the White House is taken over by deadly North Korean terrorists, they can’t get even get inside. So who stands between us and anarchy? Gerard Butler of course! Butler is Mike Banning, a disgraced secret service agent who is literally the last man standing in the White House. Of course he makes the best of this second chance to redeem himself.

Olympus Has Fallen is jingoistic, violent, farcical and predictable but also intermittently entertaining. Director Antoine Fuqua creates a real aggression and tension, flavored by chest-thumping patriotism. At one point, the president himself, played by Aaron Eckhart, goes for the bad guy.

If you don’t ask too many questions, Olympus Has Fallen might be mildly diverting. I’m going with two and a half stars.


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