My review of ‘G.I. Joe : Retaliation’




Who says that if huge stars are in a film the film will surely work. This weeks films really proves them wrong.

This film is one of the most terrible film this year.Its kind a like a chess board where every character is miss guided . As it turns out that it is even more awful than 2009’s disappointing GI Joe: Rise of the Cobra.There’s no excuse why Retaliation is such a dull enterprise, or why it doesn’t even deliver a sense of guilty pleasure.

Only the story makes sense.

Fifteen minutes into the film, you figure it’s not going to get better.  The dialogue will continue to consist of grunts and lines like: The cobra revolution has begun. Instead of characters, we will get cartoon figures with names like Roadblock and Storm Shadow. Instead of thrilling action sequences, we will get
absurd CGI set-pieces including one in which London is blown up. G.I Joe: Retaliation is so flat that even the entry of smirking superstar Bruce Willis can’t prop it up. So basically, you have no choice but to suffer.

The actors are on autopilot mode, failing to rise above the ridiculous material. Dwayne Johnson, ever the likeable presence, appears trapped under the weight of this incoherent script.

If you are thirteen you might like it. But i was bored.

I’m going with one and a half stars for this excruciating experience.


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