My Review of ‘Himmatwala’




I thought ‘Himmatwala’ is one of those high-decibel, resolutely low IQ masala movies that hit the screens every few months. These films aren’t so much films as a series of running gags interspersed with action sequences, instantly forgettable songs and nonsensical dialogue. The idea, I think is to be entertained without straining your brain. I’m all for it.

But sadly this one is even more ridiculous.Sajid creates a film which actually I think an insult to the original version.

Director and co-writer Sajid Khan isn’t spoofing the 1980s. He’s celebrating and recreating the decade.So we have got a sister who almost gets raped, a villain named Sher Khan who is the sarpanch of a village called Ramnagar.The villagers are in a desperation.

And then Ravi played by Ajay Devgan comes to save them after that the word Himmatwala is repeated every half hour.

I think now I understand after watching this film why the 80’s where considered as the worst decade of hindi cinema.

The film starts with a close-up of a disco ball and it’s all downhill from there. I have very little memory of the original Himmatwala but this remake is just so painful that i thought i had aged a lot years when it finished.

This film needs extreme courage to face…..I’m going with one star for ‘ Sajid Khan ki Himmatwala’.


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