Looks really don’t matter…Review of ‘Ranjhana’


Rating :


When I went to the theater to watch Ranjhana I was at a loss that how am I going to stay here for more then two hours. Because the hero of this film Dhanush is so plain and dull.

I really was shocked to see that Dhanush’s character Kundal is actually meant to be this . You know without any looks and coolness.

After 10 minutes in the cinema I was sure that this won’t be like those typical love stories as it is epic as well as amazingly entertaining.Telling entertainment doesn’t mean that it hasn’t got any appealing plot. Actually this film has got one of the freshest plots so far this year.

The characters are so moving . When they laugh we laugh , when they cry we cry. Simply they are amazing.Mainly Dhanush… His a person filled with immense talent.This guy has a glorious future a head of him.

My problem was actually to the second half when the film moves from Banaras to Delhi . The plot becomes boring and so many political twist doesn’t add much to the film. But the characters were still moving.

It won’t be wrong to say that dialogues are the heroes of this film.

A.R.Rahman’s music is melodious specially the ‘Tum Tak’ song. His background score is fantastic and goes well with the mood of the film. Also the cinematography is lovely and it captures the scene of Banaras and Delhi is amazing.

Director Anand Rai narrates this film with his golden hands. Its as if he has golden touch in his hands . Because all the scenes in the first half are extraordinary.

As far as the performances are concerned they are remarkable. Dhanush charmed me.He is fantastic as the lovely Kundal. Sonam Kapoor also shines at the role of Zoya. She looks effortlessly pretty and gives her career best performance . Abhay Deol also does an able job.

On the whole Ranjhana is Beautiful , Moving but also Flawed . But this one is a must watch. I’m going with three and a half stars. Go and fall in love……….


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