‘Master Chef : The Professionals’ loosing heat….?!



Master chef has always been my favorite show on television. I have watched almost every master chef seasons held in different countries . Mainly the original one in Australia. But the newest addition to this thrilling show  ‘Master Chef : The Professionals‘ hasn’t quite managed to hold that.

After the first week it became repetitive. The challenges became boring and dull. As for example in each week there’s a reinvention challenge where the professionals needs to recreate an Aussie classic. There’s also a service challenge sometimes twice a week, where they need feed a service of at least 50 to 150 people. After that a team challenge which I liked the most as it forms something new in every challenge.

After week two this master chef became extremely boring and very much predictable. In previous master chef’s the formula was also predictable ( Mystery box > Invention test > Team challenge > Master class ) but they where always a mystery.

But here they are very predictable as it forms the same method again and again. Though there was an episode where they brought back the old friend ‘Mystery Box’ . Honestly that was the only episode when i felt the excitement and thrill I used to feel .

Also Marco as the head judge was disappointing . The way he conducts the game is bizarre and dull. I was missing the humor of Gorge and Gary.

But congratulation to Rhys for winning the first title of Master Chef Professionals.I also saw the trailer of  Master Chef Australia Season 5 .

Eagerly waiting for it . Hope it won’t disappoint me like always.


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