Review of ‘Master Chef India Season 3’



Rating :


I was excited about this but it disappointed me. How? well that’s the question I’m asking myself. Is it the boring drama which I hated or the ridiculous final ( the worst ever in master chef’s history).

First of all the good side of this season. Definitely the new entry of chef Sanjiv Kapoor as the head judge is a huge plus point of this season also supported by 2 lovely judges is mind blowing.

The challenges, to be honest they were epic from first to the very last . All the challenges were amazing. They where thrilling exciting and amazing. My favorite was the ice cream team challenge.

But my problem was with the time. As it is only half an hour . None of the challenges where finished in a single day it actually breaks the excitement. Also the drama that was being shown actually back fired on them . It also breaks the mood of the whole challenges.

But the disaster here is actually the Grand finale. The challenge theory was quite good but engaging. But the fact that half of the result will be given on the basis of public vote was exhausting.

I know that presentation is really important but isn’t flavor the main thing of a dish. If it is then how on earth public would vote for the dishes that they never tasted. It won’t be fare. Though I was quite happy to see Ripu take home the grand prize .

I’m going with two and a half stars. It’s not bad but it could have been a lot better…. 😦


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