Review of ‘One Tree Hill’





This one is bold , wild , modern but also very emotional. It starts off with two brothers who shares the same father but they’re mothers are different.

Lucas is grown up by his single mother(Kiren) but Nathan is the rich brat.If you think this is the main plot of the series then think again because this theme completely  vanishes within 6-7 episodes.

The plot is unpredictable and the characters are aaamazing. The lead five characters are lovely . Lucas , Nathan , Payton , Haley and Brook are really strong characters.

But the problem here is that the first episodes narrates that Haley actually don’t know any of the lead people accept Lucas . But in Season-2 there’s a scene where it is shown that all of the leading people read in the same class. Isn’t it a bit odd ?

But this is a plot which never lost’s it’s excitement. It never becomes boring.

I’m going with three and a half stars. So if you haven’t seen that yet grab a DVD now.


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