‘ A very long journey ‘ Review of Bhag Milkha Bhag

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 Bhaag Milkha Bhaag is a biopic on the life of India’s athlete, Milkha Singh, who was known as the ‘Flying Sikh’ .

Little Milkha played by master Jabtej Singh had a bitter childhood. After the death of his parents, he lived with his doting married sister, Ishri Kaur played by Divya Dutta. As a child, Milkha used to hate his sister’s husband as he used to torture her physically and mentally. One day, things had come to such a head that Milkha was thrown out of his sister’s house.

The grown-up Milkha played by Farhan Akhtar joined the army and was soon selected to represent India as an athlete because he was a very fast runner. The film talks about the rigorous training he had to undergo to become the phenomenon he became.

The film starts off with a high note but couldn’t quite managed to hold that. The first half is comically entertaining and emotionally amazing. Where as the second half becomes extremely boring.

There are many plus points and highlights in the film. The humor in the flashback childhood scenes and training scenes is extremely entertaining and very enjoyable.Though it becomes routine and boring but the first portions are truly mind blowing. And the entire climax is mind-blowing and will be liked by all.

What is the biggest plus point in this one ? The answer is definitely Farhan Akhtar . He has given everything he could have given towards this film. But Joshi’s script gives towards so many things that Farhan’s character was somewhere lost in this film. In spite of this he delivers an award winning performance.

Divya Dutta, as Milkha’s doting sister hits all the predictable notes. Sonam Kapoor, meanwhile, in a smaller part, as Milkha’s first love, brings a quiet freshness to her scene. And others are okay but most of them over reacts a bit.

Music penned by Shanker-Ahsan-Loy gifts a pleasant track. Specially the ‘Zhinda’ song . It goes extremely well with the mood of the film. Other songs are also very good. But they often breaks the pace of the film. Another special mentioning towards cinematography as it is outstanding.

Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra’s direction is good but never extraordinary. His narrative style moves at a snails pace. No doubt, his scenes are entertaining but only in the first half where as in the second half it changes it’s gear .

Also with a time of three hours and seven minutes it needs patience. But I still recommend that you go and watch it , just to see the stunning Farhan Akhtar who never lets you down. I’m going with three stars. 



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