‘Shockingly Glamorous’ Review of D-DAY

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Nikhil Advani’s D-Day is the latest, a promising action thriller constructed around the long-cherished dream of capturing Dawood (accused in the 1993 Mumbai serial blasts case). Though the name of the character is changed. Here he is popularly known as Goldman . Rishi Kapoor plays the role of Goldman.

Goldman is the most wanted criminal whom the RAW is trying hard to get him to India. The senior official of RAW, has sent four under-cover agents to Karachi to catch Goldman but this mission has been unsuccessful since years. Wali Khan played by Irrfan Khan, living with his wife, Nafisa played by Shriswara, and little son, Kabir played by master Divij Handa, runs a saloon in Karachi and works as a barber in it. Rudra played by Arjun Rampal is an ex-army officer who comes to Karachi and often visits Shruti Haasan who is a sex worker whom he starts loving and who also falls in love with him. Zoya played by Huma Qureshi  also comes to Karachi and checks in into the posh Baituz Zahab Hotel where Goldman’s son is to be married to a leading Pakistani cricketer’s daughter. Aslam works as Goldman’s driver .

The plot is quit engaging as it never tries to venture too much and always sticks with the theme . The screenplay penned by the same people is also thrilling as it pinned me with it’s journey. But post interval the scenes becomes a bit boring as it forgets  Goldman and focuses in the relationship of Rudra. The drama becomes flat and boring but the wait really paids of as the climax is mindblowing. The dialogues are the Gems .

D-Day never becomes Ek Tha Tiger or Agent Vinod . It unfolds itself more like Zero Dark Thirty. D-Day is an enjoyable fare and one which inspires a feeling of patriotism in you . Though the second half lacks content.

Rishi Kapoor never ceases to surprise the audience and this award-winning performance of his is one more feather in his cap. He plays Goldman to such perfection that one can’t believe, the man playing India’s most wanted terrorist was once among India’s foremost lover boys. Kudos to Rishi Kapoor for slipping so easily into the character of the detested criminal. The few dialogues he mouths in Marathi are delightful! Irrfan Khan is another world-class actor we have and this is another award-winning performance from him. He will make the weak-hearted cry in the scene in which he pleads with Rudra and Zoya to let him go to meet his son, constantly referring to the sweater he had bought for him and which he can’t find now. His climax twist comes as a shock to the viewers. Arjun Rampal springs a very pleasant surprise as the silent yet angry secret agent who also has a lover in him. He does a wonderful job and will win accolades galore for his underplayed acting. Huma Qureshi does supreme justice to her role. She plays Zoya very effectively, sometimes confident, sometimes confused, sometimes loud and crass, sometimes sophisticated to the hilt. Aakash Dahiya is excellent in the role of Aslam and brilliantly conveys his fears after the failed Operation. Shruti Haasan looks beautiful and approaches her role with a certain elegance mixed with trepidation. Shriswara makes an outstanding debut in the role of Wali Khan’s illiterate wife.

Nikhil Advani’s direction is extraordinary . He has handled a very difficult subject with ease. If his narrative style had been even a bit off the mark, the drama could have seemed like a joke. Nikhil deserves a lot of praise for extracting such wonderful work from out of his actors and for making a film which will instill a sense of pride among Indians. Without making it seem like a sermon, he has made a film which engages, entertains ( a bit differently) and evokes a feeling of patriotism in the viewers.

Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy’s music is melodious and complements the mood of the film. ‘Alvida’, ‘Murshid khele Holi’ and ‘Dhuan’ are very good songs. The remixed version of ‘Dama Dam Mast Kalander’ is also very appealing .

On the whole D-Day is the film that you were waiting to watch. Haven’t booked a ticket yet..? If not grab one and enjoy this crisp thriller. I’m going with four stars.


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