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Bajatey Raho  is a comedy thriller. Mummyji played by VICKY DONOR’s Dolly Ahluwalia has a very tough task on hand. To save the family honour and her property from being attached by the court, she has to amass Rs. 15 crore in a short period of time. Sabharwal (Ravi Kishan), for whom her husband, Baweja (Yogendra Tikku), worked, had conned poor people by offering them heavy interest on their savings if they deposited money in his bank. Since the signatory on the receipts was Mummyji’s husband, Sabharwal had very cleverly blamed him after himself siphoning off the money. Baweja had been arrested by the police for defrauding the public of Rs. 15 crore and had died of a shock. Mintoo’s (Vinay Pathak) wife, Saira (Vidhushi Mehra), had also been arrested and her release is now dependent on Mummyji returning the Rs. 15 crore to the hapless investors.

The story is filled with so many loop holes that you can easily throw footballs towards it. Though the film starts with a premise . 

It’s not a wildly inventive premise, and the cons are pulled off a little too conveniently. The climax too is a melodramatic mess that could set off a migraine. And yet it’s hard not to root for the gang when you have such endearing characters. Tusshar Kapoor’s Sukhi is an earnest cable guy who ironically hangs on to his fair business principles even as he’s involved in this revenge plan. Sukhi is assisted by a smart kid nicknamed Kabootar (Hussan Saad), who helps the gang with all their tech requirements. But no one deserves more praise than Brijendra Kala who nails it as Sabharwal’s trusted assistant Bagga, always ready with an SMS joke, bringing both laughs and a lump in your throat with his pitch-perfect performance.

Ranvir Shorey and Vinay Pathak get lesser screen time to do their shtick, yet neither disappoints in limited scenes. It’s Dolly Ahluwalia, however, who steals the film as the feisty Punjabi matriarch, determined to deliver payback. Long after the film loses steam, she remains the best thing on screen.

This film could have been a lot better but it missed the most important mark the plot. Though it’s a watchable movie as it has got it’s moments throughout the film. I’m going with three stars.


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