‘Ruling CLAWS’ Review of WOLVERINE


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There are some scenes which leave you mesmerizing but some are strictly OK . Wolverine is jam packed with some of the most thrilling scenes of the year but it’s not consistent at all. Because some scenes will not make any sense.

Early on in The Wolverine, we watch an unshaven, disheveled Logan staked out in the wilderness, somewhere in a snowy part of North America, leading a quiet existence surrounded by nature, and haunted by the loss of his beloved girlfriend Jean Grey  played by Famke Janssen, whom he previously killed. He appears to have an unspoken understanding with the wild beasts he lives amidst, and contempt for most humans.

He then heads to Japan with a mysterious redhead on the urging of her boss, Yashida, whom Wolverine had rescued from a nuclear bomb during World War II. Now a rich business magnate on his death bed, Yashida offers Wolverine the opportunity to trade his immortality with him, so that our tormented protagonist can find the death he craves.

So far so good but soon it becomes a silly love story between Logan and Yashida’s granddaughter whom he must protect from an assortment of villains.

Every film has some drawbacks. If you don’t question much than this one is for you. Wolverine is a must watch just to see Hugh Jackman’s performance. I’m recommending it high, I’m going with three and a half stars but I demand the director to use a bit more brain while directing it’s squeal which is sure to come.


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