‘A new era’ Review of IMPOSSIBLE 5


Rating :


Rating a something five stars means that thing is completely faultless and totally unique. But just break that rule by giving ‘Impossible 5’ five stars. Because this tele(vision)-film is neither faultless nor completely unique. So why it got such a high rating..?

The reason behind it’s rating is it’s ambition. Cause the recent ‘Bengali tele-films‘ are so bizarre in quality that you might prefer watching commercial advertise then the film.

But Impossible 5 is different and definitely ambition as the film moves with a plot of 5 friends having supernatural powers mostly known as super powers. We’ve seen a lot of films with same kind of plot unsuccessful to entertain you. But it never happens with this one as the plot is interesting and keeps you engrossed from the word go till it’s very end.

Though it dips down a little in it’s climax portion. Because it looks alike ‘Shutter Iceland’ at the end though it still is very much unpredictable and it will shock the audience. Also the introduction part becomes unappealing after watching the climax. The screenplay writer might have tried too much to secure it’s climax. Bad luck for him.

The actors and actresses are mostly newcomers. But the way they have worked in the film definitely deserves kudos. There are also some familiar faces such as Iresh Jaker and Shawmpa Reza. Both of them have acted ably.

And the direction…well it’s the most strongest side of the film. It never bores you at all. This young director has got a lot of potential, he only needs the right opportunity. This guy has a bright future ahead.

I’ve said this once and I’m saying it again that I’m rating this a perfect five out of five. It’s not perfect but taking the current position of Bengali (tele)films in mind this rating is absolutely justified. It was aired on NTV yesterday at 11:30 pm. If you haven’t catch that yet you might wanna grab a DVD of Impossible 5 cause this the best you will get.


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