‘Ruining the weekend’ Review of ONCE UPON A TIME IN MUMBAI DOBARA

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I don’t remember any other characters of Akshay Kumar much more entertaining then his character in ONCE UPON A TIME IN MUMBAI DOBARA. He charms the audience by his attitude, style, evilness and definitely his dialogue delivery. He has put a lot of effort into this work and that really has paid off. But sadly this lovely character has been put into such a bland film that at some points this super cool character becomes limp.

This film starts off with a story of the world of gangster’s back in it’s first film in 2010 Once Upon A Time In Mumbai. But the squeal is much more personal . As it drives itself towards a love triangle which consists one girl and two hardcore boys. Well this one is one of the clueless love triangles you’ve ever seen.

Just for example Shoaib played by Akshay Kumar loves an innocent rising star Jasmin played by Sonakshi Sinha. Well Jasmin also starts to love Shoaib without being aware that Shoaib is a gangster. Aslam played by Imraan Khan who works for Shoaib also loves Jasmin without being aware that Shoaib and Jasmin loves each other. Whereas Shoaib also don’t know that Aslam likes Jasmin and Jasmin also don’t know that Aslam has a soft corner for her…!!! Well isn’t there a bit too much clueless people in just one film.

Rajat Aroraa’s script concentrates on the love life of don Shoaib and almost completely remains away from his professional activities. Since Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai dealt with both, the personal and professional lives of Sultan, the audience which comes to watch this film as a sequel, may feel cheated because it is more about the personal life of don Shoaib. Whereas this one way too much melodramatic.

Like the other films of Milan Luthria OUATIM and The Dirty Picture the dialogues are not natural. There like a brief statement or a decision. Like at a certain point through the film Shoaib says,” Mai to villain hoo” I simply clapped at that time.

It does get repetitive and boring at places. For instance, the scenes between Aslam and Jasmine are not half as exciting as those between Shoaib and Jasmine. The comedy of Aslam is quite boring. At places I got the impression that the screenplay  is one of convenience. For example, showing Jasmine to be so innocent and even more ignorant makes it a case of convenient writing. Again, Shoaib asking Aslam to pretend that he also loves Jasmine (which, the audience knows and Shoaib doesn’t know, is actually the case) is a bit too much of a coincidence.

Akshay Kumar does a truly fantastic job as underworld don Shoaib. His facial expressions and body language are a treat to watch. He has worked hard on his acting to make the character of Shoaib look different and the results show. Imran Khan is strictly OK in the role Aslam. He comes up with an easy-going performance. Sonakshi Sinha springs a wonderful surprise and shines in the role of Jasmine. She is brilliant in emotional and dramatic scenes and cute in the scenes in which she has to appear innocent. Mahesh Manjrekar get very limited scope and does well. Pitobash Tripathi leaves a mark as Dedh Tang. Sarfaraz Khan makes his presence felt as Shoaib’s Man Friday, Javed. Abhimanyu Shekhar Singh gets limited scope as the police inspector and he is earnest. Sonali Bendre Behl, in a special appearance, stands out in her scene with Shoaib in the post-interval portion.

This film is way too long with a length of 150 minutes. I just can’t recommand you to watch this major misfire. I’m going with two stars another half star is just for Akshay Kumar who definitely deserves full credit for a performance which will be remembered for a long time.


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