‘Love Hurts’ Review of SUDDH DESI ROMANCE


Rating :


This film has a new and bold story line. It’s interesting in it’s way. It about the characters who ditch someone and easily forgives him. Well this not common at all in Hindi films specially the mainstream films. If your not an youth any more then this is the chance to know the current younger generation in your society.

Jaideep Sahni’s story is very unusual and shows the youngsters as being fearful of commitment in matters of marriage. Their fickle-mindedness is underlined. The screenplay is too simplistic and relies heavily on coincidences. For instance, Raghu meets Taara after he has ditched her, by sheer coincidence; he also meets Gayatri after their breakup, by sheer chance. As coincidence would have it, the three come face to face so easily. Again, by sheer coincidence, Raghu and Gayatri are both so very commitment-phobic.

While the youngsters would be able to identify with the fear of commitment in matters of marriage, there would be an entire older generation which would find the commitment phobia too difficult to digest.

As far as the first half is concerned, the film entertains for a good part of it because the characters of Raghu and Gayatri are very refreshing and endearing. Also, the whole ambience of Rajasthani weddings and the angle of paid guests at weddings have been beautifully brought out. The light banter between Raghu and Gayatri as also the pearls of wisdom of caterer Goyal make for interesting viewing.

The second half gets repetitive once Taara comes on the scene again. Her forgiving nature looks like a convenient twist as writer Jaideep Sahni has not been able to justify why she forgives Raghu so fast and so easily. The drama seems to meander once Gayatri re-emerges on the scene even as Raghu and Taara are trying to come closer to one another.

The older generation would have a problem with the characters of both, Gayatri and Taara, because both the girls have been shown to be ready to sleep with Raghu at what appears to be the drop of a hat! Also, the older generation would find the story too far-fetched and often implausible. But these problems will not even appear as problems to a fairly large section of the city youth which this film targets. The climax may go well with the theme of the film but it will leave a section of the audience dissatisfied. Having said this, it must be added that the younger generation would not mind the climax and may, in fact, view it as a fine culmination for liberated minds.

Jaideep Sahni’s dialogues are very earthy and laced with a lot of humour.

I’m not going to say much but don’t miss this one. I’m going with three and a half stars. This film is an official entry to the Toronto International Film Festival. No doubt why it is invited. With a bold story line and some amazing performance this film is a winner.


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