‘Old is Cold’ Review of ZANJEER


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Zanjeer is a remake of the blockbuster film of 1973 with the same name. I haven’t seen the previous film. But I can not imagine how on earth a film became a blockbuster when it’s remake is so dull..? Well there’s only one answer. The new one is a the dull one.

Vijay Khanna played by Ram Charan is a police officer who gets into trouble for his honest nature. He has been transferred many times and his latest transfer brings him to Bombay. He is soon put in charge of investigating of a cold-blooded murder, the sole eye-witness of which is Mala played by Priyanka Chopra.

The investigation leads Vijay Khanna to Sher Khan played by Sanjay Dutt, a car dealer carrying an illegal businesses, and Rudra Pratap Teja played by Prakash Raj, who is the dreaded (hopefully) villain. Vijay also soon meets Mala and convinces her to help the police and identify the murderer. Mala has come from the USA to attend a friend’s marriage, and is hesitant at first because she is all set to return home after the wedding. But she stays back in Vijay’s home to help the police.

Even as Vijay Khanna and Mala get romantically involved, the former realises that the cold-blooded murder had taken place as the victim was trying to expose the oil mafia for black-marketing in oil. Right at the top of the illegal business is Rudra Pratap Teja. Mala also learns about the murder of Vijay Khanna’s parents when he was just eight years old. Vijay is often haunted by the scene of his parents’ killings soon after they had celebrated his birthday one rainy night. The only thing he remembers is that the killer had a horse tattooed on his arm. It is because of this that Vijay invariably dreams of a horse(what the heck) and wakes up in cold sweat.

The plot looks back dated. It is so irritating at some points that the wash room becomes a safer place then the cinema hall. It’s so predictable that each and every step the film takes looks smiler to other films. The half baked screenplay makes the film worse. But the dialogues are not so bad.

Ram Charan makes an impressive debut. He is effective in action scenes too and dances gracefully. Priyanka Chopra performs well and shines in a couple of comic scenes. Prakash Raj makes a wonderful villain but it must also be added that he is getting typecast now. Sanjay Dutt seems to have rushed through his role and hardly makes a mark. Mahie Gill looks out of place as the moll of Rudra Pratap Teja; her performance, though, is alright. Atul Kulkarni gets limited scope but he manages to leave a mark. Daya Shankar Pandey and Aditya Lakhia act well but their comedy is meaningless. Chetan Pandit makes his presence felt in a special appearance. Capt. Bikramjeet Singh and Ankur Bhatia (as Bosco) make their marks. Kavita Kaushik and Jasmine May are okay in song-dance numbers

Apoorva Lakhia’s direction is limp, boring and mostly irritating.

On the whole this film is pretty close to this years remake of Himmatwala. Watch it at your own risk. I am going with one and a half stars.


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