‘Lovely Gru’ Review of DESPICABLE ME 2


Rating :


One of the best animated film I’ve ever seen. At least it’s better then last years Oscar winning animated feature Brave. I was so surprised to see Brave winning the prize as there was so many better films that year. Well that’s a different subject.

Despicable Me 2 has the cool villain cum hero Gru, who tried to steal the moon in the first part of this film. In this one he is an undercover spy who is in search of a chemical which was stolen from Russia. His assistant is the heroine of this film. So definitely Gru falls in love with his assistant. It has got a simple Tom and Jerry type story but what’s it’s biggest strength is the lovely arrange of super cool characters that this film has. My favorites are the capsule sized small minions.

Well the actual scenes are hard to describe in words. For example the scene where Gru dresses like the fairy godmother and the scene where he and Lucy(his assistant) investigates in the Mexican restaurant. Well these are just some example in a film filled with such amazing scenes.

This film is a must watch. I’m going with four and a half stars.


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