‘Scary Movie’ Review of HORROR STORY


Rating :


I was laughing a lot when I was watching this movie. Well laughing isn’t bad. But what’s bad is that I went to the theater in search of a horror movie but ended up laughing all the time. Maybe I was expecting a bit too much. Because the horror movies which comes out from the Bhutt’s production is sure to make you laugh. As the recent films like 1920 Evil Returns and Raaz 3 had more LOL scenes then scary.

This film uses the same old stuffs to scare you. You know cracking doors , automatic wheelchair, a spooky place and finally a white faced ghost . Well it’s impossible to be scared by any of this.

Watch it if you like an unintentional comedy movie. I’m going with a generous one star.


One thought on “‘Scary Movie’ Review of HORROR STORY

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