‘Totally Waxed’ Review of HOUSE OF WAX




Six friends goes to an adventurous trip which turns into a nightmare. Serial killers , Unusual smell and many more common things are thrown at them. Your confused, right..!!! Because this is the backdrop of many American thriller.

But don’t be judgmental with this one. Cause this film scared me so much that I failed to find the errors in the script , until I’ve seen it 2nd time. Well that’s what a horror thriller should be like. It should scare you so much that you should forget about the loopholes in it’s plot. Because honestly horror films has so many loopholes that you can throw thousands of football through it.

This film also had those errors in it’s script. Like the logic shown in the climax is so lame that I refused to believe it. But this feeling occurred when I was watching it for the second time. And I when I found the plot error trust me I didn’t care. Because I sat in front of the screen in search of a pure thriller and at the end of the day I got that.

All the actors has done a mind blowing job. Their expressions were totally down to earth. Everyone was so natural.

The screenplay had to be mentioned as it keeps you engrossed through out the film. There’s a screen where Elisha Cuthbert goes to the church seeking help and than she sees….. Well I don’t want to spoil that for you but watch out for this one.

So should you watch this one. If you wanna take my advise than the answer is OF COURSE. I’m going with four and a half stars.


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