‘Why so serious’ Aamir dubbed to break all records


Dhoom 3 has become one of the most anticipated movies from YRF (Yash Raj Film) banner in 2013. After John and Hrithik set records at the box office, speculations are that Aamir will be breaking their record along with the recent record set by “Chennai Express”.
Leaving nothing to faith, actor Aamir followed a strict diet and kept a constant check on his BMI (Body Mass Index) every day to ensure the success of the movie.
John’s personality and perfect physique was the crowd puller when Dhoom released, while Hrithik’s Greek God looks made him the hottest thief in B’town in Dhoom 2. Now for Dhoom 3, Mr. Perfectionist has specially worked on his body and used a lot of acrobatic skills to pull off heists.

But my problem is about the seriousness of comparison. Indian film industry is the only industry where everyone compares everyone. They compare them by their films box office earnings. Chennai Express is the all time grosser in Indian film history though it wasn’t such a good film. So can I call this a successful film,

So money isn’t everything.

[ The first portion of this post is adapted from Showbiz, a weekly publication of The Daily Star]


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