‘Picture Perfect’ Review of THE LUNCHBOX


Rating :


The Lunchbox is the best film I’ve seen this year and the best film I’ve seen since Udaan. It’s sweet , sad and amazingly cute. After watching this film today I felt very sad that this film wasn’t chosen as the official Oscar entry. I haven’t seen The Good Road but I think The Lunchbox would have been a better decision.

This film starts with Illa played by Nimrat Kaur , who is a housewife, dealing with an extra-marital affair her husband played by Nakul Vaid is having. She desperately tries to get his attention and prepares tasty food every day, which she sends in a tiffin carrier through the famous ‘dabbawala’ network of Bombay.

But unfortunately (which becomes very fortunate afterwords) the tiffin carrier goes to a wrong address and finds itself to Saajan Fernandes played by Irrfan Khan.When Ila realizes that her lovingly prepared meal was eaten by someone else, she encloses a note in the steel lunchbox the following day. Saajan writes back and this pair of strangers begins a tentative friendship through routinely exchanged letters, sharing with each other their dreams , memories and their loneliness.

Debutant director Ritesh Batra creates an old school love story which made me laugh and cry.

There’s a third character in this film Shaikh played by Nawazuddin Siddiqui who is absolutely endearing to watch . He is funny and lovely. But this film remains to it’s lead. Irfan Khan is undoubtedly one of the best actor in current time. His greyish eyes and amazingly natural body language is fantastic to watch. This is another outstanding performance by this person which will just add anther one to his unforgettable acting. Nimrt Kaur is also outstanding as a common housewife, who finds another reason to smile again. This film would have been what it is without her heart wrenching performance.

The unseen hero of this love story is writer-director Ritesh Batra who pulls off a perfect script that’s reflective of a city and the people that live in it. His narrative style is unique and pleasant and his use of Bharti Achrekar as just a voice character is praiseworthy.

Watching this film made me hungry for paneer kofta and bhindi (traditional Indian food) . This film is a work of art. It’s simplicity is it’s most powerful side. I’m going with five stars and strongly insisting you watch this. If you don’t like this film , then I’ve got nothing to say to you.


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