‘Disappointing’ Review of PHATA POSTER NIKLA HERO


Rating :


This film has one of the most funny fast halves I’ve seen this year. It’s definitely slapstick but hilariously funny. At some moment I’ve laughed out so loud for such a long time that I’ve missed a lot of dialogues. But this didn’t happened in it’s second half. I think the script writer ran out of ideas. So the film stopped being funny in it’s second half.

Phata Poster Nikhla Hero is the story of a young man, Vishwas Rao played by Shahid Kapoor, who dreams of becoming a film star. However, his mother, Savitri played by Padmini Kolhapure, an autorickshaw driver, wants him to become an honest police officer.

Vishwas gets an interview call from the police department in Bombay but since his eyes are set on the film industry, he begins his struggle in films. One day, while he is roaming in a police inspector’s costume, he meets social activist Kajal played by Ileana D’cruz who mistakes him for a real police officer. As luck would have it, Vishwas is able to save a girl from being kidnapped because of his police uniform. Word spreads that there is an honest police officer and, in an unrelated incident, Vishwas’ photograph in police uniform gets printed by mistake in the newspaper.

Isn’t this funny….!!!

But in the second half this film dries out and finally disappoints. I’m going with two and a half stars.


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