‘Out Of This World’ Review of GRAVITY


Rating :


Have you ever imagined about the person who rides a rocket and goes out of this world. What they actually do. How they feel. How they spend so many hours of their life without being sure of their destiny. Can they be able to see their loved one’s once more.

Well this film journeys through these courageous people, who puts their life at stake for the nation. Aren’t they the real hero. So in Gravity they actually are the real hero. These heroes are acted by Sandra Bullock, George Clooney.

Some scenes are just outstanding. Specially when our protagonists navigate space in zero gravity , the opening scene which demonstrates Bullock’s isolation. These scenes are further enhanced by the director’s intelligent use of  3D.

The back story of Bullock is very heartwarming.

Bullock, in fact, is in excellent form, meeting the film’s intense physical demands and taking the character’s emotional journey in equal stride. Clooney, meanwhile, turns on the charm as the wisecracking astronaut, his confidence and calmness a nice foil to Bullock’s permanently tense demeanor.

On the whole Gravity is a marvel . It’s a must watch. I’m going with a perfect five stars. My advise is to have patience.


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