‘Shamelessss’ Review of BESHARAM


Rating :


 If you come out of the theater wanting to take a shower or something refreshing like a yoga class….!!! Really, when does this happen..? Actually I was feeling like this after watching ‘Besharam’, which is ‘shameless’ in English.

This is about Babli an orphan played by Ranbir Kapoor who steals cars for a living and for running the orphanage he has grown up in. He stupidly falls in love with Tara played by Pallavi Sharda, an office-going girl. Without knowing, Babli steals Tara’s car and sells it off to Bheem Singh Chandel played by Jaaved Jaaferi who has       bought the stolen for his illegal activities.

Soon, Babli realises that the car he stole belongs to the girl he loves. Seeing her mad, he decides to bring back the car for her. Since he knows that the stolen car is in Chandigarh,  he asks Tara to accompany him there.

Tara, who literally hates him actually goes with him to bring back the stolen car. After some boulders in there way they finally steals the car back from Bheem. But inside the car was a bag full of cash. That’s why Bheem Singh becomes desperate to bring that car back to him, so he appoints to police officers to catch him.

Then the next two characters appears in the screen. Police officers Chulbul Chautala played by Rishi Kapoor and his wife, Bulbul Chautala played by Neetu Singh. They are fighting their lives to catch Babli and bring back Bheem’s stolen car.

Honestly the story is as thin as a tissue paper. The twists are hugely predictable and mostly unappealing. Because the screenplay moves at a snails pace, it gives you enough time to question a lot of things in this film. Specially what I’ve mentioned above that Tara without asking any question agrees to go with the person he hates the most.

But still the characters something to lookout for as the three Kapoor’s played there roles ably and all of them had there moments, though most of them faded out because of the weak script. Whereas Pallavi Sharda is like a dressing. Thre isn’t a single screen of her that I remembered coming out of the hall. As far as others are concerned they had overacted.

Abhinav Kashyab’s last film ‘Dabaang’ worked because it had some sparkling characters in addition to a strong script and that’s what this film is largely lacking. Abhinav has talent and knows how to do these kind of film.

Last time Abhinav was hugely supported by an outstanding music album which still rings in our head. Unfortunately he wasn’t that much lucky to get another one this time. Lalit Pandey’s music is a great disappointment. All of the songs are instantly forgettable.

In brief Besharam  don’t works as a good Rom-Com nor as a Indian Masala not even a good action movie. What this film has is some top notch actors . But undoubtedly one of the worst films the Kapoor’s has ever done. So I see no reason for you to watch these amazing actors in their worst avatar. I’m going with one star.


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