‘Not So Epic’ Review of EPIC


Rating :


Epic has the best animation I’ve seen so far. The visuals were outstanding. It will leave you mesmerizing. It also has some of the best characters I’ve seen in a long time. Queen Tara, who has a very brief role but makes her presence felt. The leafmen leader Ronin also was an endearing character. The slug Mub and the snail Gub were also two lovely characters. This films laughs majorly came from them. Well I can give you a huge list of lovely characters in this film. But sadly all this memorable characters didn’t create a memorable film.

What an animated film should be like. It should be definitely over the top and should keep you buzzing the whole time. After watching epic I wasn’t quite overwhelmed. There’s nothing epic about it. But at least it could have delivered a sunny side up movie(what most of the animated movies are like). But that never happens in this case.

The film premises something totally exotic but gives you an utter simple and poorly executed film. The film premises more meat but gives you only the dressing.

The plot is very simple. The story , you know echo-friendly type. Whereas Avatar and a lot of film shared the same type of story line. The climax looked hurried off. As if the director was in a huge rush to finish the film. I didn’t get a perfect ending. The characters intentions weren’t fully clear to me.

But honestly it’s not that bad. Cause some of the ideas shown in this film are truly amazing.

In brief this film is not so bad but the thing is that it could have been so much better. With amazing  animation crafts the children won’t come out unhappy. But there’s not much for the adult to offer in this one. I’m going with two and a half stars.

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