‘Akshay Deserves Better’ Review of BOSS


Rating :


In my review of Once Upon A Time In Mumbai Dobara I said that the role of Shoaib is Akshay Kumar‘s most sparkling and entertaining character that he has ever played , well I’d like to update that a little bit and say that his best character so far in his 20 years career is Surya(Boss). I loved every minute of him playing Surya. Which is a surprise to me, cause I don’t like such characters (except for Chulbul Punday in Dabangg).

Well Boss is an Akshay Kumar film. It has Akshay at his best. He plays the son of a principled school teacher Shastri played by Mithun Chakraborty. He (Surya) is active, hot headed, bossy and obviously over the top. It should not be okay if I say that he is just over the top. Because he is over the very top that you can possibly reach on to. Akshay plays his role to the gallery. Some scenes of him made me to clap him loud.

But unfortunately like all the other films of this genera this also doesn’t have a strong plot. Though this film has some twists but they are not enough. The film is desperate for a strong plot to hold all this strong characters( actually there’s only one strong character) together. The story of revenge has become very old and boring to be honest.

If you are a huge fan of Akshay and loved him because of his action but is very unhappy cause he didn’t deliver in action packed movie that he used to. Then Boss is the film that you were looking for. Because the actions in boss…….OH MY GOD they are outstanding and also entertaining. Definitely they are over the top but from the opening scene this film declared itself to be the most over the top movie ever. So anything they show in the big screen becomes believable. Maybe because I didn’t care about them.

The next thing worth mentioning is obviously the dialogues penned by Farhad-Sajid. They are one of the major entertaining thing of the film. In a particular point through the film there are some scenes which are very clumsy and very predictable. Inspite of that only because of the dialogues I laughed at those scenes. Moreover Ayushman Thakur played by Ronit Roy works as a good fearsome villain.

But every film has some drawbacks. This has too. But unfortunately they are a bit too much, which is a bummer. First of all the family emotions and drama of this film is very very very limp. They are half hearted and half baked. Actually this film didn’t need all those emotions and drama. It should have been kept as an action-comedy film. The next drawback is  Aditi Rao Hydari. I’m not saying that she acted lazily. I’m saying that she didn’t fit in the role. She didn’t fit in this kind of a film. Although she acted naturally. And the final and the biggest drawback of this film is it’s plot.

The music and background score is very good. The songs are instantly forgettable but still fits perfectly in a film like this one. Cinematography is another thing worth mentioning.

Well Boss is missing the most important part of a film. But still it’s not that bad. It’s an entertaining way to pass this Eid. It has got all the trademark of an Akshay Kumar film. But at the end of the day I have to rate a film focusing towards the major parts of the film. So I am sadly going with two stars and adding another half star just for Akshay Kumar. So it sums up to two and a half stars. It’s not bad at all but it could have been a lot better. Take my advise if you loved watching Dabangg, Khiladi seris and Rowdy rathore then Boss will also be loved by you


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