‘Mad House’ Review Of DIANA


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How come a film about the last two years of the most famous woman on earth came to be so much dull. Well director Oliver Hirschbiegel creates a bland-mad film about Princess Diana. It has one of the worst dialogues I have ever heard in my life. The screenplay is bumpy, clumsy and very inconsistent. For your information Diana falls in love with the Pakistani heart sergeant Hasnat in the last few years of her life. Dr. Hasnat played by Naveen Andrews is so uncharming that I couldn’t stop wandering, that couldn’t Diana get someone better looking than him.

Based on the novel of Kate Snell ‘Diana: Her Last Love‘ the director just couldn’t portray that amazing life in his biography. But it’s Naomi Watts who rises above the material. She gets the look , the attitude , the fashion and even the walk. She didn’t take a single step wrong. But at the end of the day this amazing acting gets wasted into a dull and boring script.

So at the end of the day I can’t recommend this film for you. I should have gone with one and a half stars but added another half just for Naomi. I’m going with two stars.


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