‘Uninvited Guests’ Review Of Captain Philips


Rating :


Well this is fantastic, it’s gripping and very thrilling. The films based on the hijacking of an American cargo ship(2009) by Somalia pirates. This film gets on to you from the start and holds that till the very end.

Tom Hanks is amazing as captain Philips. He gets so involved in to the character that it becomes unimaginable to think about anyone else in that character. I think this is the ultimate pride for an actor. And he absolutely deserves it.

There are some terrific scenes in the film which have the right amount of thrills in them. There are many scenes showing the devastating conditions of the Somalian people. Those scenes are so touching that you can not but help getting emotional for this deadly hijackers. Well they weren’t looking so much deadly afterwords.

With terrific narration, amazing camerawork and brisk editing Captain Philips is an all rounder and will therefore entertain you from the moment go till it’s very end.

This is the kind of film that I was looking for a very long time. Watch it for it’s jaw dropping scenes and crisp climax. It’s the ultimate film experience. I’m going with four stars and strongly insisting you to drop anything your doing and get to the nearest theater around you. You just can’t afford to miss this one.


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