‘A Step Forward’ Review Of KRISH 3


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Well Hindi films hasn’t managed to bring out at least one successful super hero in its hundred years. But Krish might just have broken that record. Because he is endearing, loveable, emotional and specially our very own home grown super hero.

But as this is hindi film we’re talking there got to be everything in it. Like a masala. So here our super hero needs to dance, give away dramatical dialogues, do some major melodrama and finally save the day. And only Hritik can do so many stuff at once amazingly. And he does exactly that in here. He’s the best thing about this film. I just couldn’t take my eyes off him. He is absolutely stunning.

But unfortunately this lovely superhero doesn’t get a lovely film. The film is way too long. The worst things are its plot and songs. There are six writers in this film. I guess that’s why I think so many idea’s creates a mess. That’s exactly what I’ve witnessed here. Also there are a plenty of scenes which are a straight copy of many Hollywood superhero films. Post intervel part I was so restless that I couldn’t figure out who was doing what? and why? Because there’s so many things going on at once.

The songs, well they couldn’t have been worse.

Like all the other Hindi film villains here also we see them laugh all the time. Though Kangna playing the role of Kaya does a terrific job. She has some fiery scenes. The rest are laughable.

A special mentioning of Rohit also played by Hritik is commendable.

The special effects are mostly impressive but sometimes they are a bit cartoon-ish. Specially the scene where Kaya Jumps from a building. But if we take in mind that this film has been made under a tight a budget than these little misfires are nothing.

But at the end of the day its Hritic as our homegrown superhero who steals the whole show. Krish 3 is ambitious and a step forward for our industry. Its undoubtedly the best Indian superhero so far. Though its flawed but still you must see it for our very own super man and the special effects. I’m going with three stars and recommending that you check it out.


2 thoughts on “‘A Step Forward’ Review Of KRISH 3

  1. What about the blatant copying from Hollywood? Is this really OUR superhero? Or did we just randomly mash up bits from here and there and give ourselves a copy paste?

    • I agree that it has been copied from a thousands of Hollywood superhero flicks. I was very shocked to see the opening scene. It was a copy of Superman. Also the scene when Krish spreads an antidote. It was a copy of last years Amazing Spiderman. But the most ridiculous one is definitely Kaal. The whole character is a copy of X-man.

      But at least it was thrilling. Honestly I started to care for krish.
      Ra-one also copied from a number of Hollywood movies and it was totally foul.
      So at the end of the day Krish 3 isn’t that much creative but it’s not bad either. Easily the best of all other superhero films Bollywood has ever made.
      I hope you’ve got your answer.

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