‘Emotionless KHANS’ Review of GORI TERE PYAAR MEIN


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I was a bit busy for couple of weeks. I tried to watch all the movies released in that time. So now I’m writing down a lot of them at once. I was so shocked to see that none of the films were up to the mark.

Once Karan Johar joked that all his production films are quite the same. While watching Gori tere pyaar mein that joke peeped through my mind. I felt that I was watching the same kind of movie that I’ve already watched. So you might be thinking that I was bored throughout the film. Actually I really enjoyed it. Karan Johar and his group of writers and directors (such as Puneet and Ayaan) has mastered the skill of making such light and entertaining movie. This film is also that but only in it’s first half.

Imraan Khan actually said in a lot of interviews that he actually didn’t like the second half of the movie and asked Puneet to make some changes. Puneet changed it and gave the changed script to him. And then he agreed to do the film. The second half is so boring and melodramatic that I can not help getting surprised that this is a changed script.

If you read my reviews then you should know that I don’t write anything about the plot. But for this film I have to say that the second half is all about some kind of a bridge and it is only about the bridge. The writer forgot about the characters and their feelings. We get to see very happy go lucky villagers. They don’t have a character at all.

As I give my ratings at the first of the reviews you’ve already seen that I’ve given it two and a half stars. So oviously there’s got to be some bright spot. That spot is the first half. It’s fresh clean and very funny. The introduction scenes of all the characters are given in a fantastic way. I really wished that this film would have stick to it’s formula.

Imraan Khan gives his I HATE LOVE STORIES type  performance. Which is an absolute fit for such a film. I think that he has managed make such kind of acting his own. It’s like a brand. Kareena also gives a light and mature performance. She is the only person who was consistent throughout the film. A special mentioning for Sradha Kapoor in A friendly appearance . She gives a fresh and honest performance. The rest are all right.

The songs are good. It’s just that in the second half there are a bit too much song and only Chingum Chabake is good. The seem like a time filler. My favourite one is Dhat teri ki mein . The film starts off with this one. And Esha Gupta looks smoking hot in this small appearance.

I would have been very happy to give at least 3 stars to its first half but the second half is a rubbish. But still you can watch if your trying to find something to do in this early new year days. Unless just wait for it to come in the TV. I’m going with a generous two and a half stars. 


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