‘Heart Melting’ Review Of FROZEN


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I was so crazy after watching Despicable Me 2 few month back that I convinced myself to give it a four and a half stars…!!! Can you believe it four and a half stars. That film wasn’t that good. Despicable Me 2 was strictly a three and a half star rated film. It was humorous and funny but definitely it had some same major minuses also.

That’s why after watching Frozen yesterday I was very cautious and dominated my mind in giving it three and a half stars. Yeah this film also made it crazy. But I have managed to take care of that. Frozen was undoubtedly one of the best animated movies this year. Though I still prefer Despicable Me 2 over it.

Frozen is way better than Pixar’s Oscar winning film Brave. I still can’t believe that Brave actually had won the award.

Frozen has classic story. It’s based on Hans Christian Anderson fairy tale The Snow Queen. It’s about two princess sisters. Elsa (voiced by Idina Menzel) and Anna (Kristen Bell). Elsa is born with the power to turn anything she touches into ice. That’s why she’s kept away from her sis and the people. One day she accidentally freezes the whole village. After this incident she is mistaken as a wicked sorceress. So she run away in an isolated place far from her kingdom. May be I’m telling a bit too much here. But trust this is just not some typical film.

It’s humorous. There are some moments which are describe in words, will left you laugh out loud.

Frozen is a fantastic film. The kids are going to love this. To be honest you will also love it for it’s amazing visuals, genuine humor and an amazing character Olaf. Olaf is the lovable snowman in the movie who provides most of the light moments in the film. So check out this with your family, I’m sure you won’t come out unhappy. It’ll simply melt your heart, I’m going with three and a half stars.


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