‘Desi Agent Vinod’ Review Of BULLET RAJA


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After I have watched Agent Vinod last year I was disappointed. Because Saif Ali Khan‘s character in that film was really good. But the ridiculous plot let the film down. The same story happens with Bullet Raja. This time his role is Raja Mishra. An amazing character. But wasted by a same old revenge plot.

I really enjoyed the first half as there was no particular story. It was only about Raja.

There were so many things in this film which was very confusing to me.

First of all after the first song Don’t touch my body Raja tells Rudh played by Jimmy Shergill that he wasn’t a part of the invitation. He just ran into the crowd and joined the wedding. Rudh then acts so normally that it’s not a big deal.

Secondly why does a simple girl like Mitali played by Sonakshi Sinha is so eager to live with a gangster…!!!!

Also the Mumbai and Kolkata Portions were absolutely unnecessary. They were brought in the script just to show some songs.

But Saif Ali Khan sparkles in the role of Raja Mishra. He charmed me. And it’s very hard to charm the audience when your playing negative role. And the killer dialogues of Raja also helped me to love him. Jimmy Shergill has a great role but because of some limp plot twist this amazing character disappears from the film. Sonakshi Sinha has the briefest role in her career. But still she does a good job and brings us away from the violence. Others don’t get that much of a scope to act.

Tigmansu Dhulia’s direction is good. But when I look at his recent works like Paan singh Tomar and Saheb Biwi Aur Gangster Returns  I was very disappointed.

Bullet Raja is like Desi Agent Vinod. Watch it only if you are a big fan of Saif. I’m going with two stars and adding another half star strictly for Saif’s crackling performance.


5 thoughts on “‘Desi Agent Vinod’ Review Of BULLET RAJA

  1. This review which is played by you is not heart touching or Majadar. Beta lekha vuilla gesos naki??

    Too sorry for this comment but tell me what should I do without this???

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