Top 5 supporting Actors of 2013

Down is the list of the top 5 supporting actors of 2013. I’m sure that our local award shows are gonna give the wrong person the award. So I just wanna give my own thoughts on the matter. I’m not saying that I’m absolutely right. It’s just my own opinion.

Here’s the list :

  • At number 5 I’ve tied Anupam Kher and Aditya Roy Kapoor respectably for their films Special 26 and Yeh Jawaani Hai Dewaani.                                                               Image      Image




  • At number 1 it’s none other than Raj Kumar Yadav for his film Kai Po Che. The only supporting actor in this list who had a really important and long role. I can’t imagine anyone else in the no.1 spot. I went back to the theaters to watch Kai Po Che just to see the three amazing acting of the three actors, specially to see him act once again. So put your hands together for Raj Kumar Yadav.



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