‘Last but not the best’ Review of DHOOM 3


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After spending 50 minutes through Dhoom 3 I was feeling so gutted about the fact that I spend so much of my money into this. Surprised..!!!

I was also very surprised to see Doom 3. The first half is so dull and boring that I was really waiting for the interval. Gladly a twist comes just before interval and that saves the day. Cause the second half is quiet good compared to the first half.

What irritated me the most are the chasing scenes. I agree their good. But sometimes so much of a good thing isn’t so good. That’s exactly what happened here. From the first scene till the interval it’s mainly a chasing film. It’s more like a commercial of BMW bike.

The next thing that wasn’t good is the robbing scenes(actually there weren’t any). There isn’t any particular scene where we see Sahir robbing the bank. The film shows us that the worlds best security has been provided in those banks. Then how dose Sahir robs them so easily. The makers only shows us the chasing scenes that happens after the robbery has already been finished.

I also didn’t like Uday Chopra as the irritating Ali. He really has acted well. But his character has been treated so poorly by the script writer that he became more irritating than funny right from the beginning.

Thankfully the second half picks up. The plot takes a huge turn and honestly I was really shocked to see some scenes in the second half. The second half has it’s moment. It also has more content than the first half. Also the last chasing scene was good and really thrilling.

I was starting to like the film but then a sloppy climax came in. I was extremely disappointed with the climax. It looked very hurried off and just not up to the mark.

But the best thing about this film is definitely Aamir Khan. He looked a little sloppy at the first half (Specially in the opening tap dance number).But he picks himself up greatly. He comes up with both aggression and emotion. It’s a really hard job to do so much thing in just one film. The supporting cast doesn’t add much to the drama. Abhishekh Bachaan does a nice job. Uday Chopra fits himself into the character. Kathrina Kaif looks stunning but has a really small screen appearance. She is majorly seen in the songs.

The songs are average. Malang being the best . Kamli is also good. The other three songs are not so good.

Well Dhoom 3 isn’t such a good popcorn watch movie. But Aamir has his moment in the film. I’m going with two and a half stars for Dhoom 3. The half star is strictly for Aamir who definitely rise above than the things around him.


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