‘Con is Sexy’ Review Of AMERICAN HUSTLE


Rating :


Film maker David O Russell has been giving us absolutely amazing films. He gave us the amazing Fighter and Silver Linings Playbook. But undoubtedly American Hustle is his best film. It’s like a roller-coaster . There are moments which will make you laugh out loud, some will make you emotional.

The most amazing thing about O Russell is that he can arrange a star cast that fits into the film amazingly. It’s like that they were born to play that role. Here we have a fantastic Christian Bale who is 40 pounds heavier than before and has a bald head. four time Oscar nominee Amy Adams as his feisty mistress. There is also Bradley Cooper who is an FBI agent. there’s the fantastic Louis CK and finally last years Oscar winner ( probably will win it again this year) Jennifer Lawrence as Christian Bale’s nutty wife who won’t give his husband divorce. These 5 amazing characters can create 5 individual films but David put them in a script which just made this film something special.

The film is loosely based on the  Abscam scandal in the 70’s. Where FBI took help from con-artists to nab corrupt politicians.

This film has one of the best screen play I’ve ever seen. There’s a scene where Rosalyn played by Jennifer Lawrence dances….well I don’t want to spoil the fun for you. But watch out for that scene. And the dialogues are just out of this world. They play like as a different character of the film. The dialogues described the characters. There’s a dialogue where Christian Bale describes his wife(Rosalyn) as “Picasso of passive-aggressive karate”.

But this films main spotlight is it’s amazing cast. Absolutely all of them(excluding Louis CK) are this years Oscar nominees. Well why shouldn’t they be. Christian Bale gave his life to this role. Amy Adams is just fantastic. Bradley Cooper’s career best performance. And Jennifer Lawrence is phenomenal. And she’s only 23..!!!! Robert De Nero also shines in a cameo appearance.

But another hero of this film is David O Russell. The man who created these fantastic characters. Alfosno took the best director(Drama) award in the Golden Globe award. And David took home the best director (Musical/Comedy) award. As I’ve seen both of their films I must say give the damn Oscar to David O Russell.

I haven’t seen 12 years of slave . But excluding that American Hustle should win the Oscar for best film.

So drop every thing and run to the nearest cinema. I’m going with five stars.


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