‘Jai No…!’ Review Of JAI HO


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Jai Ho has its moments. There are scenes where the hall laughed out loud. For example the toilet scene of Rinki (Daisy Shah) , the scene where Jai(Salman Khan) meets Rinki’s parents for the first time . There are several light moments like this in the film and most of them were brought by Salman Khan who plays the ultimate aam admi (Common man). He is more like a super hero without a cape.

Having said that Jai Ho has some major flaws. First of all it’s a remake of the telegu film Stalin which itself was a copy of the hollywood film Pay It Forward. Now this films screenplay is its major flaw as some scenes as I’ve said earlier are good but most of them are absolutely limp.

But still it is Salman who glues you through out the film. Though the scenes, the dialogues are bad, just because of Salman they become endearing. He gave a great performance. Definitely not an award winning performance but he is what he is. I was exactly expecting this from him. But the sad thing is that inspite of a good subject this film lost its track and a great entertainer like Salman deserves much much better.

So here’s the thing Jai Ho is much better than Wanted and Bodyguard but no where close to Ek Tha Tiger and Dabangg. When I came out of the theater my mind was giving me mixed reaction. But I am way more entertained by Jai Ho than Dhoom 3. And Jai Ho came much more cheaper.

So taking all of this things in mind Jai Ho is strongly recommended for Salman-Fans. But If your expecting something new from Jai Ho then this is just not the film for you. I’m going with two and a half stars.


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