‘Brutality to its Limit’ Review Of 12 YEARS A SLAVE


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Watching 12 Years A Slave is a very hard task. But It’s one of the best emotionally moving film I’ve seen in a very long time. If you think that a film should be like a cocktail then undoubtedly this one is not for you. But If you think that a film can entertain you by any means then this film is made for you.

The plot is about Solomon Northup played by Chiwetel Ejiofor who is a free black man and lives in New York with his family. But this ill fated man is kidnapped and sold to several owners. Epps played outstandingly by Micheal Fassbender is worst of them all. According to him his slaves are his property. He uses them as his furniture. He tortures them in several way. These tortures include of making the slaves dance in the middle of the night ,hanging them and even raping them. Director Steve McQueen shows brutality to its limit until you are left crying an sorrow, shame and anger all at the same time trying to shout ‘How the hell a person can become so cruel?’

The film is based on an autobiography of Solomon Northup with the same name.

This film wouldn’t have been so heart throbbing unless of its cast.  Chiwetel Ejiofor is absolutely outstanding as the lead role. His body language and the way he protests at the fact that he has been downgraded from human to animal is just mind blowing. Micheal Fassbender is horrifyingly fabulous as the cruel owner. He should get the Oscar for best supporting actor. Because his acting literally made me wanting to kill him. Lupita Nyong’o whose name is really hard to pronounce but gave an outstanding performance.

On the whole you just can’t afford to miss this one. I’m going with four stars.        


3 thoughts on “‘Brutality to its Limit’ Review Of 12 YEARS A SLAVE

  1. I thought Fassbender was the weak link of the movie. Bombastic, too theatrical throughout. And he made the character so lackluster and one-dimensional. Frankly even some of our villains like Ronit Roy in Udaan, or Rishi Kapoor in Agneepath far excelled in creating their characters than what Fassbender did here.

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