‘A not so good trip’ Review Of HIGHWAY


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Director Imtiaz Ali entertained us in his each and every film. His career best film is Jab We Met. He gave us the most interesting character ‘Geet’ played outstandingly by Kareena. He might just have done that in Highway but this time with Alia.

Highway has so many things to like. First of all Alia Bhatt’s amazing performance. This just her second film but it feels as if that she had years of experience. If we compare her performance in Student Of The Year with this one then you can not but respect her hard work. Her body language, expression and dialogue delivery are just fantastic. This is a magnificent performance by almost a debut actress.

Also the cinematography is really good. The way the camera captures the exotic locations of India is eye pleasing. Rahman’s music goes absolutely well with the mood of the film. And there’s Imtiaz Ali’s direction which never lets you disappointed.

But having said all this lovely things about the film I think now it’s time for a little bit of criticism. First of all the second half of this film. It’s boring, irritating and sometimes irresistible. Also watching Veera(Alia) falling in love with the abuser played nicely by Randeep Hooda is sometimes uncomfortable and irritating.

On the whole Highway is not a bad film at all. What it reacquires is a different perspective. Unfortunately mine wasn’t that different. I’m going with two and a half stars.


3 thoughts on “‘A not so good trip’ Review Of HIGHWAY

  1. I haven’t seen Highway, but I just have to say this: Imtiaz Ali is the MOST overrated director of Bollywood. Highway’s reaction have been oki-ish, and like your review, not so good among the critics. Rockstar was just bad, very very sloppy and was even more hated, except of course Ranbir’s performance and Rahman’s music. Jab We Met remains his only decent film, and even in that film the second half was no where as good as the first half. It was the first half and Kareena’s performance that saved the movie from being a total failure. Imtiaz just tries tooo hard to impress people, and in doing so the end result always feels coerced, has imbalanced direction and story as if he just felt bored directing it after the first half the movie and decided to relax. One thing though, he has a good taste of his actors and the performances are one good thing of his movies.

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