‘A Crazy Roller-Costar’ Review Of HASEE TOH PHASEE


Rating :


Hasee Toh Phasee has released a long time ago. So I guess most of you have seen the film. If you have already seen the film then don’t waste any time reading this. But if you haven’t seen the film then please watch it right now, because it’s still running in some theaters.

Undoubtedly Hasee Toh Phasee is the best film I’ve seen this year surpassing Dedh Ishquia.

This film is a fun filled ride from the moment go. Yes there are some confusing moments but the character Mita played outstandingly by Parineeti Chopra is so interesting that it keeps you engrossed even in those dull moments. Her character has many layers, that’s why there’s always an excitement about knowing her more. Our hero played by Siddhart Malhotra is also a great character. And he plays it amazingly.

There’s some outstanding moments in this film. For example the scene where Sid first meet Chopra or the scene where Mita sees his dad after a long time also the scene where Mita was locked on a room. But my favorite one was the one where Mita was accused for stealing a jewelry. Also the post climax and climax scenes are emotionally rich.

Having said all this there are some hiccups in this film. Mainly the predictability of the plot is a bit too much. You can predict the climax from miles away. Also there are some actors who does some melodramas.

But the direction of the debutante director Vinil Matthew compensate for these flaws.

On the whole this film is a great film. I’m strongly recommending that you go watch this crazy rom-com. I’m going with three and a half stars.


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