‘Kangna Finally Proves…!!’ Review of QUEEN


Rating :


Before watching Queen honestly I didn’t like Kangna Ranaut. And I think most of you also don’t like her. This actress has been working at the showbiz for eight long years. She also has won a national award. But If I ask you to tell me her 5 best films , you’ll definitely struggle. Because her good films are over shadowed by her bad actually extremely bad films. These films concludes Rascles,Double Dhamal, No Problem, Raaz 2, Rajjo and lot more.

But watching Queen changed my mind. Now whatever kind of film Kangna do Rani (the leading character of Queen) will always stay fresh in my heart. Her performance is so unique in terms of expression, body language and dialogue delivery that I was clapping hard for her when the film ended.

The film is about Rani who was dumped by her fiancé just before their wedding. At this point the film turns emotional but director and co writer Vikas Bahl don’t stick to the formula. He makes her go on her honeymoon by her own.

The film has some dull portions but Kangna’s acting compensate for those dull moments. Her acting is so comically endearing and emotionally heart touching that after coming out of the theater I was only thinking about her. This is just the beginning of the year but I think it’s safe to stay that Kangna is going to be one tough competition for all the awards, there’s a huge possibility that she will win them.

So you just can’t afford to miss this one. This film might not be the best film it has one of the best character you’ve ever seen. I’m going with three and a half stars.


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